Who we are

Physiotherapist with a university degree awarded by Universidad de Cadiz in 2002

Spanish professional association no 41-2705

Graduatedas osteopath from the Osteopathy School in Madrid (e.o.m)

Master of acupuncture at the international university of Cataluña (U.I.C.)

Master of myofascial release therapy at Tupimek School (Madrid)

Postpartum recovery course

Reprocessing Soft Fitness course

Percutaneous diafibrolisis course (Ekman-therapy)

Course on Manual Therapy For Nerve Compression Syndrome of the Peripheral Nervous System(Butler method)

Lymphatic drainage course (organized by Universidad de Cadiz)

Sport Injury Prevention and Sports Healthcare course

Chest Physiotherapy Course (accredited by Universidad de Cadiz)


Avda. Alfredo Palma, Edif. Torrevigía, local 5.3, 29603, Marbella (Málaga)


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